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Question   kommentar
for noen fantastiske fotografier.
Jeg har jo tidlige fått som gave 2 stk., og de er så fine.
gi meg en beskjed via FB når du legger inn flere fotografier på denne siden. Du bør ta deg en fototur til Norge, det er mange fine motiver her vet du. hils Bob.

- Brit B. Larsen April 12, 2010

  Answer I wish I could read Norwegian, Brit! But I was glad to hear from you. Greetings to you and your family. I love the pictures you are posting on Facebook.

- Sandra Hardt  April 12, 2010

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Question   dine bilder
Vidunderlige bilder!!!!!
er du profesjonell fotograf?

- Signe Gjertrud Ousdal Kongevold April 11, 2010

  Answer Dear Signe,
No, I am an amateur photographer. My cousin is Brit Barth Larsen of Flekkefjord and she has been posting some wonderful pictures. I wanted her to see some of my photographs as well. I LOVE Norway and treasure my visits to Mandal and Hidra.

- Sandra Peterson-Hardt  April 11, 2010

  Answer det var Brit B L som tipset meg om bildene dine.jeg er venn av Brit ,Har kjent henne siden vi var barn.Jeg liker også Brits bilder

- Signe G Ousdal Kongevold  April 12, 2010

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Question   Sandy...I had no Idea.
WOW...Your photographs are wonderful...I had no idea that this was a pursuit for you...You have such talent...Emotionally I was touched by many of your photos from the calm of the pastoral scenes, to awe of the beauty of nature, and amazement at the intensity of the architecture and graphics. Thank-you

- Dee Burlin April 05, 2009

  Answer thanks for your kind words, Dee. I am hoping to get out here in FL before we leave!

- Sandra Hardt  April 05, 2009

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Question   Photographs

I love your website. Your photographs are fabulous. Keep up the outstanding work.

- Camile McGrath February 02, 2009

  Answer This is way better than a brick & moartr establishment.

- Matee Matee  August 07, 2011

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Question   all...
The architecture pics are wonderful. The "Guard House" b/w and color are equally impressive. As are all the b/w. And everything!

- Ellen K November 11, 2008

  Answer I will be puittng this dazzling insight to good use in no time.

- Marsue Marsue  July 01, 2013

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Question   All Photos
For fun I searched my name on the internet and found your website.
What a talent you are. These photos are beautiful. I love the Black and Whites and the landscapes the best. Just beautiful!

-  January 31, 2008

  Answer Thanks, Sandra Peterson! Where are you from? And is your name Swedish/Norwegian or what?


- Sandra Hardt  February 01, 2008

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Question   1st foilage pic
love it

-  October 01, 2007

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