Andre Gallant
With his mentor, Freeman Patterson, has written the definitive book on impressionism in photography.
Take fantastic online photo classes with world-class professional photographers. Schaub, Sweet and Neill, described below, are among their excellent instructors.

Carl Heilman
Known for his images of the Adirondacks

Freeman Patterson
Sensitive nature photographer based in New Brunswick. His books are read widely.

George DeWolfe
His workshops on workflow for the fine art print are famous. His approach to photography is quite sensitive.

George Schaub
Expert printmaker as well as Editor of Shutterbug

Jack Wild
Mentor and teacher who has inspired many aspiring photographers at the Boca Raton Museum Art School. Jack has no website and not even an email address!

Taborton Mountain Photography
Tom Chesnut has some great images taken in the Taborton region, a place where I love to shoot.

Tony Sweet
Flower images extraordinaire. His courses at are outstanding.

William Neill
Wonderful images with great use of light. Recently experimenting with Impressionism.